Dependable multi-level building elevators across Australia

Utilising the latest technological developments, Forte passenger elevator lines offer a wide model range to service a variety of buildings and purposes. With safety at the top of our considerations, these lifts are dependable and sturdy, even during peak usage times, and are made with the highest quality materials.

Multi-level residential elevators

For high but less predictable use, like that of a multi-level residential building, the Forte passenger elevator range is the perfect choice. This lift guarantees comfort, safety, and reliability for installation and maintenance.
multi level

office building

Offices and commercial buildings

Practical and dependable, the Forte PASSENGER lift design is the ideal solution for a commercial environment. The safety and robustness of the product suits the high levels of passenger traffic in public use buildings like those of offices and commercial buildings.

Public use and industrial

Capacity, safe performance and aesthetics make Forte PASSENGER lifts the ideal option for installation in buildings devoted to professional activities. With these elevators, we can guarantee the maximum level of integration with the lift’s surroundings and the building’s décor.
elevator decor

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