Expert lift upgrades


Performance and reliability upgrades

Elevators can get some heavy use during their run, so over time, lift ride quality and reliability can become an issue. To improve all-round performance in older lifts, the experienced team of technicians at Forte Lift Services recommend control system upgrades.

For superior ride performance delivered by the latest in digital technology, during your lift upgrade, we will recommend replacements to:

  • Motor drive control
  • Floor levelling equipment
  • Acceleration/deceleration control equipment

Electronic control upgrades can also increase safety and performance reliability.

To book in your next lift upgrade service, talk to our expert team today. They will advise you on what is the best option for you and give you an idea of the type of upgrades you should expect will be required based on the age, make, and how heavily used the lift is. Our upgrades make sure your elevator is running at peak performance and gives a reliable and safe ride every time. 

upgraded elevator

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